Savoir Faire

The Recoltant Manipulant has this privilege, he controls the grapes maturation at all steps and then, the evolution of his wine.


Working in a “clos”, isolated, is an asset in a number of ways:

Hands harvest ensures selected grapes

Vineyard plot follow-up permits the respect of the grapes maturity, with custom-made care.

Pulling the plow in the roads permit the roots to draw mineral salts in the depths of terroir, which is a great source of enrichment for our wine.

Sustainable growing is essential: no insecticid since 1991, predators population development, preservation of ladybugs who keep away midges from the grapes, sexual confusion, controlled grassing.


months minimum from the vine to the glass

namely 23 months more than the AOC


grape varieties

Pinot noir

Pinot meunier





Plots are grown separately, to preserve their identity and singularity.

Wines are then few manipulated in order to preserve primary aromas (those who are present in the fruit) : gravity transferts are preferred against pumpings which can damage wine aromatic qualities.

Sulfites quantities are minimized thanks to a complete control of every wine-making step.

Natural rhythms are respected in wine evolution as in the vineyard patience is our word: drawing is made when the weather gets warmer, not by wine heating; bottles’ rest time is 3 years minimum. All those choices tend to let the wine express itself and in particular, to bring a special lingering taste.

Sustainable vineyard growing, slow and qualitative