Savoir Faire

The Recoltant Manipulant has this privilege, he controls the grapes maturation at all steps and then, the evolution of his wine.


Our commitments :

Sustainable winegrowing

Since 1991 we have gradually abandoned the use of pesticides which has led to the development of predator populations, sexual confusion, and controlled grassing.

Harvesting by hand

Hand picking allows a precise selection of the best of the harvest as well as a more delicate picking, which guarantees a quality juice.

Mechanical working of the soil

The passage of the plough through the roads allows the roots to draw mineral salts from the depths of the soil, which constitutes a source of enrichment for our wine.


months minimum from the vine to the glass

namely 23 months more than the AOC


grape varieties

Pinot noir

Pinot meunier





Each plot is unique

Each plot is vinified separately in order to preserve its identity and its aromatic singularity.

Work by gravity

The wines are handled very little in order to preserve the primary aromas (present in the fruit). Transfers by gravity are preferred to pumping which can damage the aromatic qualities of the wine.

Reduction of sulfites

The quantities of sulphites used are voluntarily reduced to a maximum thanks to the proximity of the installations to the vineyard, as well as total control of all the stages of wine production.

Respect for natural rhythms

The natural rhythms are respected in the evolution of the wines. The bottling is done at the moment when the climate softens and not by heating the wines. The time of rest of the bottles on lath is of 3 years minimum. These choices allow the wine to express itself better and to bring a nice length in mouth.

Sustainable vineyard growing, slow and qualitative